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Friends – Know about a hobby that can help you earn

March 16, 2014 - fun

This post is for my friends who are looking for an interesting on-line hobby. It is especially a must read if you have a love for a particular sport or commercial product / activity. For example i have found many of my friends talking about cricket and politics. Some home maker friends have good interest on cooking and handicrafts.

So what’s the IDEA?

The on-line hobby idea is to start an on-line Facebook Fan page. Trust me – it is just like a gold investment.

I had earlier heard about it but I took the idea for granted until very recently when I came across a situation where a mobile app developer wanted to promote his android/I-phone App on social media.

yuvraj with peopleThe App is all about Cricket betting (no money involved, but just points for fun). As a part of their on-line marketing strategy they were looking for FB page Owners who can promote their product in their F.B pages. They collected several F.B pages and first contacted an admin whose page was about a Cricket player (who as of now is rarely seen playing for India).

The admin of the page is an IT professional who runs the page out of his free time (would love to know more about his company). The app developers were in for a shock when they heard the price for a single day promotion.

It was 20,000 INR for a single day promotion(they were willing to promote for a week). Single day promotion means 2 posts in the group & nothing more than that :).

Vadivelu cricket

They thought of asking other pages and it was very much similar or even worse.

Why would Advertisers need F.B Pages?

There is a direct link between F.B Mobile based users and Mobile based Application users. More over this particular situation demanded a great support for the App in a short time. If the App promoters think about gradually increasing the patronage for their app, it will kill the interest and the initial buzz generated. More over the FB pages are filled with members (or targeted customers) who are click crazy on anything that is posted in the group.

If you would like to start and if you are wondering for ideas, here are some of my suggestions based on the areas where competition is relatively less and on things which Indians have a never say die attraction.

  1. Politics – many Pages are there but they are biased on a single politician or a single party. The future political Advertisers will not be interested in one-sided pages, rather a common place with different rational thinking people, which will be a good marketing place for them.
  2. Few promising sports like Badminton/Tennis have very less Facebook pages.
  3. In cricket, it is of no use in fighting with established F.B pages on senior players, instead watch out for emerging players and start a Fan page for them. over a couple of years a few of them will click.
  4. Same as point 3 it is wise to target emerging cine actors (males only as their counterparts don’t last long) and start a fan page for them. Upcoming movies of the stars spend a lot on Social media. I have first hand idea of what they are willing to pay(so I am not talking BS).

Share your views as comments and have a Happy Monday :)

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