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June 28, 2014 - Digital SEO / Personal

Friends, I am happy to announce my first start-up Digital SEO – A SEO Company in Chennai. I also take the opportunity to ask you on helping me with a few leads when you come across friends / relatives looking for a good Digital Marketing company:)

It has been two years since I left Mahindra Satyam and the now Tech Mahindra. Life has been exciting and more challenging since I left my six year old Job and an almost well settled corporate life. The two years taught me a few severe but several significant things in life. I feel that the corporate environment kept me as a large sized larva – shielded from the realities of a real life career struggle. I could tell that just from the list of things that i took time to worry about, they were

  • Getting late for the Job
  • ¬†Getting late to home after the Job
  • ¬†Once in a year Apprisal time fever
  • A Govt. Holiday falling on a Sunday :)

The last two years made several changes in my career and here are the things that I fret about now

  • Finishing up my daily tasks even if it is 3 am at night
  • Getting ready the monthly payment for my staffs
  • Client & employee retention
  • Staying ahead of my competitors

I was just a Team member at Msat, but I am here now with the task of leading the 8+ group of people with a lot more responsibilities. Clearly it is like I had been pushed straight to class XII from a KG environment.

I recently spoke to a few ex-colleagues. I noticed a drastic lag in terms of earnings, but I greatly believe that the situation has improved my real world knowledge and every time a Business Owner or a CEO compliments me for the improvements I bring in, I feel to be on top of the world and these things never make me repent for leaving Msat. If you are looking to move from your regular job to a business, I will be very happy to share my experiences and the problems that I faced. See you soon and please visit Digital SEO and provide your Feedbacks on the design and other stuffs.

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