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December 24, 2013 - Personal

A few days ago, I had the chance of being one of the Chair person at Naidu Hall Chennai (Athanga Wives shopping – Hubby’s sitting in chairs). Near me a single seat was occupied by a Dad “dude” and his twin sons. He had all the characteristics of a “Dude” as he spoke Aenglish with occasional Tamil outbursts.

The twin kids kept on bombing him with questions like why the showcase dolls never change their dress. At some point of time the conversation became interesting

T2 : Where is the Rest Room, i need to go dad..
DudeDad: Dont Know (Everytime he has not crossed the chairperson place which is at the entrance)

T1 : Dad why are we sitting in this shop?
DudeDad: For Moms purchase

T1 : Why were we siting in the last shop?
DudeDad: That was also For Mom’s purchase

T1 : How long will she take?
DudeDad: Dont Know

T2 : what is Mom getting?
DudeDad: Dont Know

T2 : What did she get in the previous shop?
DudeDad: (sighs) Dont Know

T2 : Where will we go next?
DudeDad: ( A little impatient now) Dont Know

T1 : Hey He dont Know anything and thats why he is a Dad.
DudeDad: !!@##!*&! (sensing that he is ambushed infront of all) Come let’s find the restroom for you.

A few hours later the Tiger and Cubs were spotted near Big Bazzar Entrance, licking Ice cream.

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