About Blogwith In

Hi, I am S. K Mukerjee a native of Tirunelveli.

Can be rightly termed as an IT industry drop out after 6 years of working in SAP/Mercator related Projects @ “Mahindra Satyam” now “Tech Mahindra”. Then I became a Freelance SEO. In a years time i found myself transforming from a SEO to a Digital Marketer. I must thank Priya, my Parents who stand by my side and the other naysayers even as I build my castle in the virtual digital world.


Why this when you have all the fbook, circles and the chirping bird?

The Blog is not about something but about everything that I feel like writing and sharing. I hope the blog might bring in an accidental friend from some part of the world. So, from now in search of the unexpected, i start to blogwith.in

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